The Many Advantages of using Explainer Videos

explainer video

One of the main reasons why the Internet is so popular is that the World Wide Web is changing all the time. The size and nature of content shared online is also changing and evolving. So, the question is – how can one share his business message in the best way?

The simple answer is through explainer videos. The attention of modern viewers is very short, but it looks like modern viewers are fans of explainer videos. They are short videos that usually last for a minute or two. This is a period of time that Internet users are prepared to spend in case they find that the business message is presented in an engaging way. So, explainer videos are here to explain a business concept or a product/service. With its help, prospective clients can get answers to their basic questions. This is a much more interesting way to get information than reading a text.

We have already mentioned a few advantages of using explainer videos, but we will now list the most important ones.

Getting their attention

As we said, the market is full of businesses just like yours, and you need a way to get noticed. Explainer videos have proven to be very effective at getting customer’s attention. In case you have a website that has only plain texts, there is a small chance that the visitors will stay longer than a few seconds on your website. With an effective explainer video, you will make them stay longer.

Boost conversions

But, why do you need visitors that will stay longer on your website? That’s easy – because this is the only way to make a conversion. With an effective explainer video, you can expect to boost conversions by up to 50%.

People are prone to sharing videos

We can’t say why and whether this trend is good, but the fact is that people are prone to sharing videos. On the other hand, texts are not shared that frequently. When you add an option to share the video, you can expect to get many social signals.

Brand building

It’s almost impossible to trigger responses and emotions through plain text. However, explainer videos can be very interesting and fun. With their help, you can support the brand building process. What’s even better is that you can also create series of videos that people will recognize in the future.