How To Make Animated Explainer Videos That Will Go Viral In 2018

Explainer videos have been absolutely everywhere over the last few years, but if you are not familiar with them, they are short videos that are used in order to make complicated products simpler in order for people to really be able to understand them. A lot of people are unsure if they need this kind of video and the answer is yes because they help increase the conversion rate and get a better Google rank than a website that only has texts. These videos can be very expensive to make and can take up a lot of time, so to make things a bit easier for you, here are a few tips that you can use in order to create great animated explainer videos.


When you are creating a video that includes animation, then obviously one of the first things that you need to do is figure out what animation style you want to use. This will do more than just determine the look of the video but it will also set the right tone of the video. Depending on the production company that you use, you will be able to choose between different animation styles and it is important to always go with the one that you think will work most with the type of product that you are presenting or which style will give you the overall vibe that you want to get with the video. This is an important decision, so make sure to take your time before making it.


Animated explainer videos are not like most animated videos. The fact that these videos are as short as they are means that the “less is more” approach is pretty much always the way to go. Regardless of whether you are promoting a product, a service or the brand as a whole, something that you always want to make sure of is that you project that information in the most user-friendly, simple and memorable way. Having a lot of animations coming out from every corner of the video can actually be more distracting to the viewers and that can damage the effectiveness of the video. When the viewers are distracted, they won’t catch the message that you want to convey to them. So, if you want to avoid having a problem like this, make sure that you keep the animations in your explainer video as simple as possible, while having them also be fun and clever.


After you have decided on an animation style and you have figured out all of the animations that you want to use in your explainer, it is then time for you to focus on any voiceovers and music that you want to add. If you are interested to add a voiceover then it is important that you have e recording that sounds really professional. Another thing you need to do is make sure that the script that you are following is being red in a very clear and steady manner so that it can be understandable. If the voiceover is hard to understand, then there really is no point in adding it. If you don’t want to add a voiceover, but instead want to add some music, you can definitely do that too. It is all a matter of finding the right music that will complement the explainer video’s subject and then simply putting it in the video.

Animated explainer videos are some of the best tools that you can use for a multitude of different things. You can promote your products in a way that is super simple so that everyone can understand them, you can simplify some complicated business goal that you have and help you present and so on. Now it is only a matter of you following these tips and making a great video to use on your website.